And How It All Started

So are there really any Roulette strategies that work – I mean really work, long term, and not just get you to blow all your cash on that one lucky win?

It must have been around seven years or so ago when I got hit by the Roulette bug. A group of us were out late one night heading home from a night of clubbing looking for a quick fix kebab or burger when we came across a casino. “Let’s go in there” said one of the lads, “they do free sandwiches”. And that was it, I was hooked from that very first visit.

Over the years I must have tried all the best roulette strategies going and always with the same result; win a bit, lose a bit – win a bit more, lose a bit more – but mainly lose a lot! Every new ‘insider tip’ promised the world and delivered very little but like the addict that I was I kept trying them all.

Finally, years later, it sunk in that there was no magic formula for this devils game and the law of probability meant that the only real winner was the casino itself. BUT… I also knew deep down that like all laws there must be a way it could be bent, I just couldn’t figure out how. Making millions was out the question but there had to be a way that this game could generate a regular little income for me?

That’s all I wanted. To go to the Casino, play Roulette, have a great night and come home with a little extra in my pocket! Not too much to ask for was it? So why wasn’t it happening???

A couple of years ago the answer finally came to me but not from a source I would ever have thought of.


My wife doesn’t do gambling and has no interest in the casino whatsoever so when a couple of friends decided to hold their anniversary bash at the local casino she wasn’t best impressed. We went along and towards the end of the night I decided to show her how to play roulette.

While I was getting into my usual stride of winning, losing, getting wound up, winning a bit more, losing even more and getting even more frustrated my wife just sat there bored and fed up. “Here’s $20” I said, “I’ll be done in five, go have a play.”

Not long after I was done and a couple of hundred down too. “Come on” I muttered to her “Let’s go”, to which she replied “What about my winnings? I think I’ve won $600 or something!”. In fact she had won,  $640 to be exact, and I was gutted, ecstatic, confused and envious all at once.


Bacardi & Cokes Drank
Hours in Casino
Biggest Win Witnessed

I've won $1280 that should win us first prize shouldn't it?

My wife’s second and last Roulette journey was some months later when her employer held a charity dinner and roulette evening. We all paid $100 each which went to charity and in return we were given ‘$100’ of game chips to be played for ‘pretend’ money. Everyone had ten minutes to win as much as possible with the top three receiving prizes.

The first prize was a 5 night stay in Dubai which my wife really wanted. Throughout the evening we went off in small groups to play and the results were kept until the end. I went for it with my random gambling and it wasn’t long before my chips were all gone, well within the ten minutes I should add.

My wife came back after her turn and whispered excitedly to me “I’ve won $1280, that should win us first prize shouldn’t it?”. I was gobsmacked. The same gutted, ecstatic, confused and envious feelings from our first casino visit whizzed around my head again. ‘How the hell had she managed that?’. Never mind I would ask her afterwards; I had a Dubai trip to plan!

The results were announced and much to our disappointment we only managed second although this was still a luxury weekend in Paris so couldn’t complain. The winner had stuck the whole $100 chips on number 36 and the lucky sods number came up, $3600! He even admitted after that had he been in a real casino with his own money he would never even contemplated placing a bet like that.

On the way home and I just had to ask the wife. “How exactly did you manage to win $1280?”

“Easy” she replied shrugging her shoulders, “I just did what I did last time at the casino”.

She told me exactly how she had played and that night I didn’t sleep. Could it really be that simple? Surely not. This I had to try out for myself.

The experienced gambler in me knew that she had just gotten lucky but the analyst in me also knew that roulette was all about probability. There just had to be a way of getting this magic combination right and favouring the odds to my advantage.


To date I have read, tried and tested all the best Roulette strategies out there and they either don’t work at all or work only to a point. One of the most talked about a few years back was the doubling up technique (Martingale).

In simple terms you played the 50/50 route so either red/black, odds/evens or highs/lows and stuck with one choice. You then bet $1 (or whichever amount you wanted to start with)on your choice, let’s use black for now, and if you lost you then doubled it on the next turn. So $1, $2, $4, $8, $16 and so on until the law of probability kicked in and eventually black came up.

This worked well apart from two big problems:

Firstly you needed a bottomless pit of money. Twelve losses in a row meant that you needed to bet $4096 just win $1! Now I’ve seen fourteen reds in a row and I definitely don’t have that kind of money to burn neither the balls to place that kind of bet.

Second problem is most casinos now have a table limit so either way after this point you’re done for.

I racked my brains the whole night and it must have been five am when the lightbulb moment finally lit the inside of my cranium up. I had it, a roulette plan to end all roulette plans. I had come up with a way using both luck and probability which would, should, could tip the scales on my side. And that my friends is how the Five Play Plan was formed. But….I still had to put it into practice.

Now we may not have been broke but we certainly didn’t have excessive funds to go experimenting down the casino with so here was the solution. Each month after payday I would take $100 down the casino and try this system out. I would bet using $20 at a time and once spent would go home and come back the following month. This I did for six months and here’s what happened:

Month #1 - $100 spent nothing won

Month #2 - $100 spent nothing won

Okay now I was questioning my stupidity. What made me think this would actually work anyway? The temptation to spend a bit more and try and recoup my losses was intense. The Gambling Gremlin was hammering away inside my head. No, I couldn’t give up I had to see the six months through. Somehow I convinced my legs to start walking out the casino and home.

Month#3 – Okay straight away I’m up to $160 with my first $20. I lost the second and third $20’s but then on the fourth one wowzee upto $640 and then $80 with last one. A grand total of $880; Not bad. That night I went home with renewed faith.

Month#4 - $160 and I’m outta there. I’m up and that’s what counts.

Month#5 – This month was just awesome. I walked out of Gala casino that night with $1440 and all with a stake of $100.. I woke up next morning with the grin still on my face.

Month#6 – Still bouncing from the previous month I was happy to settle for the $160 and go home to analyse the six months events.

So over six months I had spent $600 and won $2640 giving me a profit of $2040 having spent no more than six hours total playing. I make that $340 an hour!

So over 6 months I had spent $600 and won $2640 giving me a profit of $2040 having spent no more than six hours total playing. I make that $340 an hour!


Still not convinced I decided the next month I would go twice a week so eight visits in total. This turned out to be quite an emotionally intense month, as regular gambling can be. Some of you will understand the feelings you go through when you get on that roller coaster ride that can end absolutely anywhere. Here’s how it played out:

Visit#1 - $100 spent, nothing won

Visit#2 - $100 spent, $360 won

Visit#3 - $100 spent, $1600 won – absolutely smashed it!

Visit#4 - $100 spent, $160 won

Visit#5 - $100 spent, nothing won. And this is where I had my first relapse. Still don’t know what I was thinking exactly, maybe it was the success of the previous visit but the Gambling Gremlin reared his ugly little head again."Go on" he whispered, "just take another $100 out, you got plenty!"

And so I did, along with a couple of double Bacardi and cokes. Needless to say that $100 went down the drain too. Another two drinks and now completely off-track and off-plan I took out another $200 and lost that too.

My head was all over the place. I had gone back to thinking that I knew best and my old playing style was just as good. That evil little Gremlin had taken over both my heart and my head and must have been having a right good laugh at my expense. Somehow I managed to drag my sorry ass out of the casino and went off home in a real foul mood replaying every move that night and physically slapping myself for being so stupid.

Visit#6 (and after giving myself a heavy talking to) - $100 spent, $360 won

Visit#7 - $100 spent, $160 won

Visit#8 - $100 spent, $540 won

So in total that month I spent $1100 and won $3180. That equalled a profit of $2080 (would have been $2380 without the relapse!). Eight visits and maybe around nine hours spent in total working out to $231 an hour. Yep, I could live with that.

So in total that month I spent $1100 and won $3180. That equated a profit of $2080 (would have been $2380 without the relapse!). Eight visits and maybe around nine hours spent in total working out to $231 an hour. Yep, I could live with that.


Yes I was pleased with the results and the winnings but there was a nagging feeling inside me that something was still missing, that elusive final piece of the jigsaw.

So I had tried it over six months and then compressed it into one month both times coming out on top so what was the problem? I should be more than happy.

Sitting with my best friends and casino buddies one evening discussing my results it suddenly hit me. How could any gambling experiment be complete without trying it out where it really counted?


That's right the five of us decided to head to the casino capital for the weekend and test this baby out properly.

I had to ensure this was done in a controlled manner though which I knew wouldn't be easy in the Vegas environment so my focus had to be one hundred percent on the plan.

Here's how we played:

We all took $1000 each which we would play $200 at a time. Each $200 stake was played for ten minutes after which we cashed any winnings and moved on with the next $200. This took about an hour or so and we then had a breather for an hour to grab some air, have a drink or just people watch (which is an amazing experience in itself here in Vegas).

We then banked any winnings from the first round and started again with $1000 each and repeated the cycle. We did this four times so played for around four hours with an hours break in between.


The results were truly awesome - Any expectations we may have had were kicked right out the water!


Dan (that's me, the Supervisor) - I was concentrating more on what the others were doing rather than the numbers in front of me but still ended the evening with a healthy $3200

Mo (the Accountant) - A typical squeaky butt lived up to his profession. He played it safe all the way through and finished with a mere $2000

Mike (Businessman) - Absolutely killed it. Must have been the risk taker in him. He ended on a jaw-dropping $19200 balance.

Brett (Personal Trainer) - Kept going off-track and throwing in his own strategies. I had to constantly reign him in and his wins/losses were all over the place but he still managed a respectable $2400. Could have won more though.

Joe (Teacher) - Good man, he took his time and kept me involved. His final total was an excellent $6000


And the scores on the doors:

With a starting bank of $5000 we ended the night with an incredible $32800!

We took out our initial $5000 plus another $5000 to treat our respective partners with and all our expenses for the weekend covering food, drink and accommodation.

With the remaining money we decided to go out next day and party like billionaires. We strutted around the strip like we owned it and the champagne flowed.

We now aim to get together again soon but this time take $5000 each and then maybe in another six months go for $10,000 each. If you want to know the outcome of these trips just leave your details further down and we'll keep you updated.

We just can't wait.




So you know how this is still panning out for me here's some quick stats of my last twelve months. Over these twelve months I have been going only twice a month playing with either $50 or $100 each time. If I start with $100 I play with $20 a go and if I start with $50 then it's $10 a go. Both work equally well only difference is the $10 bets offer a slightly lower return but also a lower risk.

These numbers also exclude any one-off casino visits I have made experimenting when out of town or abroad on holiday.

Twelve months to date I am $9200 in profit. I know this will never make me a millionaire but it’s a damn great way of earning second income doing something I enjoy doing for only a few hours each month.

Okay so there’s a question burning inside you right now, other than what the hell is this plan Dan, it’s the question I get asked by everyone I speak to:


“If it’s so easy then why don’t you just play every day and earn a real fortune???”


The answer to this is one that only regular casino goers will understand. There is an extremely fine line between you controlling the Roulette and the Roulette controlling you. So fine a line that you don’t even know you have crossed it until it is too late, sometimes way too late.

It happened to me on Visit#5 above and I paid the price.

This will only work for you if you can control your betting, use your head only and when it’s time to walk, you walk. I know full well that anything more than three or four visits in one month and I will be vulnerable to that nasty Gambling Gremlin that keeps hammering away in my head, “Go on son, just one more bet, you can win back everything you lost and more. Remember that last big win you had? Well it’s just round the corner just go get another $100…”

If you don’t suffer from the same Gremlin I hope you never do. Just follow the plan to the letter and you will have the odds working in your favour and a tidy little income to boot.

Okay Dan Count Me In - What Next?

Now here’s the deal. I’m not going to ask for you for some crazy price just to get you on-board but I am going to ask you for a small favour just to keep your focus on this and to encourage you to see it through.

"If something is free you’re never going to respect it enough but If something is way too much you’re gonna expect miracles right?"

Now as much as I wanted to charge you something for this my team ethics are telling me not to so there you go; No Charge - IT'S FREE!

All I ask is that you get back in touch after four weeks or so and let me know how you got on providing as much detail as possible. This feedback, along with my own experiences, will help pinpoint any shortcomings, drawbacks and also hidden insights into this system and help develop it further still.



Now I can’t ask for fairer than that can I?

Okay enough of the losing streaks, hair pulling, mood swings and frustrations that only Roulette players will understand it's time to get one back over casinos.

Just send me your details and we're ready to go!

Dan Alexander