Okay so the title of this page caught your eye right? How many times have you heard these tags; Make Real Money Online - Make Quick Money Online - Make A Million Online - Make A Fortune Online - The list is endless.


Well this is where I give you some facts. Probably not what you wanted to hear but the truth nevertheless. Don't let this hold you back though, instead see it as an educated step forwards.

Q1 - So what are the chances of making a million online?

Answer - Somewhere between zero and very slim! Not the answer you were hoping for but the truth nevertheless.


However..... zero to slim is not saying it's impossible. Many have and many still will make their millions pushing ideas, products and services online. All you need is the right idea, at the right time and with just the right amount of luck thrown in.

Q2 - And the chances of making good money online?

Answer - Actually the chances here are pretty good depending on your own definition of 'good money'.


I would say that if your starting point is a couple of hundred a month leading eventually upto maybe £10,000 per month or so within a year or two then, yes, the chances are very good. That is as long as your prepared to put the effort in and work on it.


If your aiming to make a six figure sum again the chances are slim to good. Not zero, not very slim and not very good either but sitting somewhere between slim and good. Again you need to put the work in and have the patience to build up your business slowly.


Set yourself some small term goals on this one with the six figure projection by year five.

Q3 - And truthfully Daniyal the chance of making no money online?

Answer - Now here's where the odds shoot right up in your favour. The chances of you making absolutely no money on the internet are very good.... to excellent!


STOP! WAIT! Before you go hitting that wrong 20x20 in the top right corner let me explain.


Yes the chances of making nothing are high but there is a real good reason for this. Most newbies get caught up in all the hype the particular programme they signed up for has promised them and expect their bank balance to shoot up within a few button presses of the keyboard.


Not only does this not happen but they then realise they also need to purchase 'x' and 'y' products to get to the next level. Followed of course by product 'z' and back to 'a' again.


It isn't long before they pack it all in, cry a little, shout a little and then.... move onto another similar product offering glossy images of yachts, Bentleys and mansions. The cycle is repeated.


That's the scammy products out there but what about the good ones? Well even the good ones promise a 'rags to riches lifestyle' but what they fail to mention is the time, effort and patience involved. They make it sound so easy on the salespage.


Again many will sign up for these programmes but soon realise they haven't got either the time, patience or resolve to see it through. The result being no money made and a slating of the system.


I have first hand experience of being in both the above scenarios.


At least 80% of people who sign up for any Online/Internet Marketing/Money Making programme will leave within the first few months (if not within the first month) and not make a penny.


My experience has also shown me that those continuing beyond the six month mark begin to see the results of their hard work. In reality twelve months should be your first big goal.

Q4 - So, mastermind, how does this all work then?

Answer - How you go about setting up an online venture and which programme you decide to join are entirely down to yourselves. However the basic process is all the same.


STEP 1 - Decide on a product or service: Just remember providing a service means you are limited to your manpower and time. There are only so many hours in the day and only one of you meaning you can only provide your service to so many people in the allocated hours.


This is great for earning an additional income though and can be expanded by hiring an employee if you get really busy or by sub-contracting.


With a product you are not limited to manpower so much. Whether somebody orders 1 item or 100 items the time taken to process is not too different.


Even better if your product is a downloadable information product a this is pretty much instant regardless of how many customers place an order.


STEP 2 - Find a way to promote that product or service: Online Marketing is all about having a website advertising your wares. Whether you are selling your part-time book keeping service, the latest childrens toy or an ebook on baking you need somewhere to show off your goods.


For most even the thought of setting up a website is enough to give them the shakes but trust me on this it is nowhere near as complicated as you may think.


Once you have learnt the basic set up process you could have a website up and running within an hour. If you really have serious doubts on this and it is the one thing from preventing you reaching your ambition then please please just contact me. I will help.


STEP 3 - Find a way to get customers to STEP 2: Now this is the Golden Goose of the three steps. It's well and good having a great product or service and a classy website but what if nobody sees your website? How do you get customers to land on your website and place an order?


If I could answer this in one paragraph I would be a millionaire ten times over. There is no single answer to these questions but a combination of practices that will get your particular site noticed over and above your competitors.


You may have heard of terms like SEO, Adwords, Keywords, PPC, CPM, Analytics and so on but right now they probably don't mean a lot to you. They never used to make sense to me either.


The good news is that you can get help with all the above steps without spending a small fortune. In fact the basics of each step you can learn for free and the beauty of the internet is that there is no set way of doing things. The processes are constantly changing to meet new guidelines. These guidelines are set mainly by search engines, especially the likes of Google.


If Google decides it doesn't like the way certain websites are set up it will simply change its policy and these websites will disappear overnight. If you do everything right and by the book this could mean four or five of your competitors could just vanish of the search ranks meaning your site moves up the ladder.


So don't be afraid of the big hitter sites out there. Work hard, stick to what works, continue learning and you will reap the rewards.


If you don't want to join any of the 'dubious' or costly programmes offering you the world just get in touch with me and I will point you in the same direction I started out.

Somewhere where you can learn at no cost and take things at your own speed.


Somewhere where your questions will be answered regardless of how simple or tricky they are.


Somewhere where you are part of a community all working towards the same goal.


However..... only do this if you are prepared to put some work in yourselves too. If you are looking at a 'get rich quick' scheme then this isn't for you. I'm sure there are plenty of takers out there who can help you with that though 😉